Namdaemun Picture Diary

Namdaemun Market is across the street from my hostel, so I go there to grab food a lot, or sometimes just to kill time. Walking through it is a lot cooler since the walkways are close together and the numerous stalls provide plenty of shade.

You can see Seoul Tower from Namdaemun Market

Mandu of all sorts! I come here way too often since the wang mandu is only 1000 won.

In the evening, the streets are lined not only with stalls selling anything from clothes to ginseng, but also plenty of food. 

This is the easiest way to get fruit in Seoul. You can usually find a vendor selling slices of pineapple or  melon on a stick for 1000 won.

There’s also plenty of vendors selling bulgogi. Just choose what you want them to barbecue for you!

You can find souvenirs of all sorts in Namdaemun, including traditional goods, or random k-pop paraphernalia. 

The infamous padded underwear. I wonder if anyone actually wears these?

Namdaemun Market has an entire section dedicated to selling ginseng.

Displayed at a restaurant. I immediately though of “Spirited Away” when I saw it. Remind me not to eat here.

Dinner was mukguksu, or noodles made from buckwheat and acorn starch served in an icy broth. After walking around in 30 degree weather, it was very refreshing.

My hostel is right across the street from Namdaemun Market, and up a giant hill. 

And here’s looking down from the top of the first hill.

The view from about halfway up.

Second hill. The hostel is past those buildings.


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