Field Trip Time!

Seoul was rainy again today. Which was unfortunate, as we were headed to Caribbean Bay, an outdoor water park, or as one boy put it, water adventure-land. Luckily, by the time we got there, the rain had stopped, although it looked like there could be a downpour any minute.

Caribbean Bay was AMAZING! I don’t know how many water slides there actually are, but I managed to get on three, as well as the lazy river. I wanted to go on a fourth, where you stand on a platform which collapses beneath you leading you to a slide which is nearly vertical. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to go on if you have any piercings and I couldn’t take my cartilage one out. So sad! The others were still enjoyable though, especially the “boomerang,” where you’re in a raft with two or three other people, go down a steep incline and projected up a nearly vertical wall.

Surprisingly though, I think our group screamed more on what we thought would be a relatively easy-going slide. It coiled in on itself, and looked like it only had a gradual decline. We were completely shocked at all the abrupt drops (and possibly the freezing water) as we headed down. Consequently, I think we screamed more (or at least I did), on that slide compared to the boomerang one.

Caribbean Bay is not only outdoors, but also includes smaller pools, slides, jacuzzis, and saunas indoors. Considering the dreary weather, we spent a good deal of time sitting in the jacuzzi and sauna. One of the saunas even had bowls of herbs such as cinnamon, ginseng, or clove, which visitors can put into an earthen pot of boiling water to scent the steam. Definitely something I’ve never seen before.

I decided to forego studying tonight (despite that fact that I have a midterm Friday, and another Monday) and went to eat out with our little group. This time you get pictures of BBQ!

Walking by the Everland theme park to get to Caribbean Bay.

Korean BBQ with steamed eggs, doenjang jjigae, and various “banchan,” or side dishes.


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