Yun Ji Lee

Yun Ji Lee is officially the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She’s a popular actress here in Korea, starring in the movie “Couples” as well as acting in many tv dramas such as “Goong,” and “Dream High.”

She came to our class to give a guest lecture, where she focused on how you can go about accomplishing your dreams. She gave some good advice, as well as enlightening us of her own struggles in becoming an actress. She managed to make the lecture really personal, asking us to tell her about our own goals in life, and trying to offer personalized advice according to the situation or goal. She even remembered my own goals of working for a fashion magazine by the end of the class, and said she hoped to work with me one day, as well as another girl interested in acting. I was kind of touched, actually.

Earlier, I also bought some banana milk, although it wasn’t the original. The convenience store in the business building had run out. Ah well, I think this bottle looks cuter anyways.

Banana Milk


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