Bio: Hi everyone! I'm Arielle. I've always been interested in fashion, and while my style has changed throughout the years, I can definitely see commonalities between now and when I was a toddler. I was the kid who insisted on wearing my fanciest dress to preschool... in knee-deep snow. I may have also had an obsession with overalls that continues to this day. As I grew, fashion no longer became about deciding what to wear for the day, but also how I could draw inspiration from everything around me. Culture, architecture, art and people have all inspired my style, and I hope this blog can help to inspire others. Tangled Musings allows me to play with different trends, shapes and colours, allowing me to continuously discover and recreate my own personal style. I originally studied journalism in university to pursue a career in writing, while allowing me to explore all my different interests and travel. Sound glamorous? Of course. Is it actually? Well, university isn't, but that's what blogging is for! Casual 'n Couture started as a way to combine my love of writing with my passion for fashion and travel. Thank you so much for reading and keep in touch! I always love a good chat!

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