Myeongdong Picture Diary

Myeongdong was far busier Sunday than any of the previous days I walked through. With the crowds also came plenty of food stalls and more street vendors selling clothes and accessories.

Bean Pole is a famous fashion brand which G-Dragon endorses.
I saw them setting up and thought the display was actually a set of chairs for B2ST to do a signing. Unfortunately, not the case, nor was I staying in the area to see!
MyeongDong Cathedral
Dried squid is a common snack you can find in any of the outdoor shopping areas.
Spiraled potatoes wrapped around sausage and fried. This just reminds of Stampede food.

All of these cosmetic stores are right beside each other on both sides of the street. There’s plenty more throughout Myeongdong as well.
The Myeongdong Theatre