Last Day at the Hostel and Random Food Pictures

You’ll have to forgive me as posts will now be slightly out of order. I’ll have the rest of my pictures up pretty sporadically, and today you’ll have to suffice with my last day staying at the hostel in Myeongdong. That, and pictures of food.

Last day here so Jiyeon took me out for lunch.
Tall icecream in Myeongdong. Well, technically we got strawberry and yogurt.

I don’t know what this is, but apparently it’s famous in Myeongdong. It’s like hotpot… but with salami and hot dogs… and I think spam…

Add noodles, kimchi, and canned beans.
Mix! Surprisingly, I actually liked it.
Red bean paste bun from Namdaemun.

Black bean noodles and jiggae. I forgot to take a picture it was so good!

Watermelon popsicle/ice cream. So cute!

Oh look who I found. But I still can’t find TOP.

Cheap Clothes in Ewha!

I am a really cheap person. Sort of.
I could say that I just like to walk, which I do, but that becomes a lie once it’s 30 degrees out. No, instead I walked for two hours to get to Ewha Womans University, because, simply put, I’d rather have an extra two dollars to spend on clothes than a subway ticket. On a side note, I suppose it is good exercise, minus the whole my calf muscles might end up too big from all the walking that I’ve been doing since I’ve arrived.

The first thing I did once I left the hostel was get lost. I knew I would need to head north from Seoul Station, and I made it there perfectly fine. Unfortunately, with all the weird diagonal streets Seoul seems to consist of, I managed to head northeast, and found myself back in Namdaemun, about halfway back from where I originally came from. I changed route and decided to head towards City Hall, as there were signs everywhere pointing towards it, and from there, I could just follow one road towards Sinchon Rotary, which again had signs everywhere pointing in the direction.

After my lovely hike (I didn’t get lost again, thankfully), I finally made it to the university, and thusly the shopping district. Ewha, or Edae, is geared towards young women, selling many trendy clothes and accessories for reasonable prices. For less than $25 I managed to buy a new dress, a pair of flats, and a shirt. Ewha is also the place to go for a new haircut it seems, as there was at least one hair salon on every street.

The Ewha and Sinchon areas also happen to be a haven for both privaately owned cafes, as well as those run by larger businesses. If you’re ever thirsty, you’ll have plenty to choose from here. Not to mention these cafes were selling some of the cheapest desserts I’ve seen so far. If you were to order “patbingsu” as takeout, it would only cost 2500 won for about a Starbucks’ tall sized cup filled with shaved ice, sweet red beans, and ice cream. Yumm. (Disclaimer: This is assuming I managed to read everything correctly, so if you’re in the area and don’t find it, it’s not my fault!)

Finding my way back to the hostel was much easier. There was only one corner where I didn’t know exactly which way to turn, but again, following the road signs helped. I also managed to take the route I originally planned to use to get to Ewha (via Seoul Station), which helped shave some time off the walk and let me explore a little. And, waiting for me at the hostel when I got back was a very late lunch, made by Jenny! Such lovely hosts I have. =]

Ewha Womans University


There are a ton of cafes in Ewha and Sinchon.

On the way to and from Ewha, you pass by a street lined with wedding shops.

Mixed in with the wedding dresses are hanbok.

A few blocks after the wedding shops is a street lined with furniture shops. 

The French Embassy

Seoul Station

Seoul Station’s underground mall

Lunch! Bibimguksu made by Jenny. Delicious!

And look what I saw when I was trying to decide to go back via City Hall or Seoul Station. Sorry for my lack of paparazzi skills and the subsequent slightly blurry picture. Just trust me when I say he had a cute smile.
Oh my, guess which other pretty boys I found on my way back…