I’m Back!

Sorry for the little hiatus there everyone. It ended up being a busy week doing the rest of my touring and then moving into the dorms. I’ll have pictures of the places I visited up in the next few posts, as well as of the dorms and campus. For now, you’ll just get to read a description of Hanyang University.

Hanyang University is situated on the top of a mountain, or perhaps a very large hill by Korean standards. By Canadian standards however, it could definitely only be called a hill. And here I thought I was done climbing mountains/hills. I must massage my calves vigorously (to quote my dear friend) due to all the climbing.
I was situated in an off campus dorm, which is about fifteen minutes away from classes. Uphill in the morning and downhill at night. I suppose it’s good exercise at least.
On a more positive note, our dorm has a kitchenette! Thank God for Daiso, because buying pots and pans at the local market was pretty expensive in comparison. Also, we found some cheap bags of rice, laundry detergent, and some glass tupperware to use as bowls. We also found a Daiso about a half hour walk away from our dorm, meaning we won’t need to go all the way to Myeongdong again if we need anything else!
We’ve also managed to figure out the hot water system here. For the first two days, we had to use cold since we just couldn’t figure out how the boiler worked. There’s a control panel and we were just flipping buttons on and off, and upping the temperature. Luckily, we now have hot water, although we haven’t figured out how to turn off the heated floor without shutting off the hot water as well.