Last Day at the Hostel and Random Food Pictures

You’ll have to forgive me as posts will now be slightly out of order. I’ll have the rest of my pictures up pretty sporadically, and today you’ll have to suffice with my last day staying at the hostel in Myeongdong. That, and pictures of food.

Last day here so Jiyeon took me out for lunch.
Tall icecream in Myeongdong. Well, technically we got strawberry and yogurt.

I don’t know what this is, but apparently it’s famous in Myeongdong. It’s like hotpot… but with salami and hot dogs… and I think spam…

Add noodles, kimchi, and canned beans.
Mix! Surprisingly, I actually liked it.
Red bean paste bun from Namdaemun.

Black bean noodles and jiggae. I forgot to take a picture it was so good!

Watermelon popsicle/ice cream. So cute!

Oh look who I found. But I still can’t find TOP.

Namdaemun Picture Diary

Namdaemun Market is across the street from my hostel, so I go there to grab food a lot, or sometimes just to kill time. Walking through it is a lot cooler since the walkways are close together and the numerous stalls provide plenty of shade.

You can see Seoul Tower from Namdaemun Market

Mandu of all sorts! I come here way too often since the wang mandu is only 1000 won.

In the evening, the streets are lined not only with stalls selling anything from clothes to ginseng, but also plenty of food. 

This is the easiest way to get fruit in Seoul. You can usually find a vendor selling slices of pineapple or  melon on a stick for 1000 won.

There’s also plenty of vendors selling bulgogi. Just choose what you want them to barbecue for you!

You can find souvenirs of all sorts in Namdaemun, including traditional goods, or random k-pop paraphernalia. 

The infamous padded underwear. I wonder if anyone actually wears these?

Namdaemun Market has an entire section dedicated to selling ginseng.

Displayed at a restaurant. I immediately though of “Spirited Away” when I saw it. Remind me not to eat here.

Dinner was mukguksu, or noodles made from buckwheat and acorn starch served in an icy broth. After walking around in 30 degree weather, it was very refreshing.

My hostel is right across the street from Namdaemun Market, and up a giant hill. 

And here’s looking down from the top of the first hill.

The view from about halfway up.

Second hill. The hostel is past those buildings.

English Speakers!!! And as a consequence, more snail slime.

More money was spent today. I need to stop this, but I swear it’s almost at an end. Just a few more things to buy and then I should be good (except for the fact that I’ll need to buy more to bring home).

Besides, I couldn’t help myself. Jiyeon was nice enough to recommend a new moisturizer for me as I had just run out and was talking about my skin woes. It’s amazing how many of us are raving maniacs about skincare here at the hostel. Including the guys. I came back home with the Nature Republic Aqua Max cream, which one a beauty award apparently. The saleswoman spoke English, and was able to recommend a new foam cleanser for me as well (again, I’m nearly finished what brought with me). So, just to let you know, snail and aloe are both very good for “trouble skin” and she let me decide which I wanted. The aloe was cheaper, but she told me the snail actually works a bit better, so I went with that. Snail cleanser cost me more than my award winning cream, but less so than the usual cleanser I buy. I think if Laneige were to have a snail line, my bank account would be screwed. Thankfully they don’t.

My next stop was to Namdaemun Market. Yay, I didn’t spend money there! Namdaemun is considered to be a traditional market, and basically consists of street stalls selling a variety of goods including clothes, souvenirs, and kitchenware. The streets wind all over the place, and in circles so it’s a bit easy to get lost. I actually didn’t have this problem – I was always able to find my way back to the entrance I originally came through. However, I originally didn’t manage to visit about half of it since I kept going around in circles without realizing. Eventually I made it to the other side though.

Namdaemun is very cheap, especially the clothes. Mind you, these are mostly made of very thin fabrics, which I suppose are good considering the heat here. Not only that, but food prices are ridiculously priced. I bought a “wang mandu” for 1000 won! Wang mandu are like some sort of cross between Chinese baozi and regular Korean mandu, a type of dumpling. They’re about the size of a baseball, albeit flatter, and mine came with a pork and onion filling. Either way, it makes for a great light dinner for less than a dollar. I should just eat a few of these everyday (assuming they’re that cheap everywhere)! Tomorrow, the plan is to try traditional mandu filled with kimchi. And this time I’ll actually take pictures! (I haven’t been since I’ve just been too busy shopping, and I figured I can walk the five to fifteen minutes to take pictures without struggling with bags in my hands.)

I’ve also found out that there really is internet EVERYWHERE here. I actually thought that you’d have to be in a store in order to access the free wifi, but nope, you can just be in the middle of the street. It’s quite amazing really. So although I can’t text, at least I can still chat on google or or kakao talk (an app one of the guys at the hostel told me about). Kind of made my day today.