End of the Week!

Hello all. It’s Friday here in Korea and what better way than to celebrate with Korean BBQ?!

Sorry, I actually forgot to take photos, but you’ll just have to trust me that it was delicious. And only ten dollars Canadian. The media and documentary classes got together for dinner, along with the director Yong Ki Jeong after a class with him as a guest speaker. Our professor, Chang, payed the difference after we all gave him the ten dollars. Not bad for what was essentially all you can eat and drink. 

Korean BBQ at its most basic is basically grilled pork belly, which you can wrap in lettuce along with kimchi, onions, and garlic. We also had fried rice of some sort, topped with seaweed and egg roe. Delicous!

In our media class next week, we’ll be able to meet Yun Ji Lee, and Jeong Se Oh, who both starred in the movie “Couples” (directed by Yong Ki Jeong). So excited for that (I wonder if we’re allowed to take photos?)! Yong Ki Jeong came today as a guest speaker, and I don’t quite know what to make of him. I feel like some of the advice he gave for aspiring film makers was kind of like “follow your dreams,” type stuff, which just seems a little not so practical to me. I’ll just assume it got lost in translation. No doubt though, he is very successful, having directed movies such as “Once Upon a Time,” and “Couples,” as well as many others.

I also tried the famous “Choco Pie” here, a snack which often takes the place of birthday cake for poor students. Apparently, it’s also really popular among the boys in the military. Unfortunately, they’re not actual cake, and pretty much just a Korean version of Wagon Wheels. Ah well, they killed my sugar craving for the next month.

As a side note, it’s still pretty rainy over here and I actually had to wear jeans.

Choco Pie! Well, the no name equivalent anyways.